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More blury nonsense. Will someone please help Natasha find a crisp edge?

I feel ambivalent about the focusing issues in this set that other commenters have pointed out. The setting I find quite interesting, i.e. the space in which the model is seen here. Not the usual kind of room! I would have thought there would be some fascinating opportunities for composition in a space like this. I feel as if some of those were missed, but I can't really determine why I think this - just a feeling at this point.

One thing that does occur to me is that the focus issues are related to the composition choices. Take the little series #14 - 17, for example. In my own very amateur work, I thrive on composition thinking, which I know is a limitation, but I have many limitations, so be it.... I look at a frame like that and would want to do more with it somehow - it seems a little chaotic to me on a conceptual level. I would like to hear about the artist's intent to get some understanding.

This set had a lot of potential until I clicked on the thumbnails and found another disappointingly blurry mess. Please, Ms. Schon, set your camera on autofocus next time. It has to do better than this.

I love the model, adore the model, wanted to see a lot more of the model. The problem is that the light levels are so low that the depth of field for the camera is about 4" at the F-stop she is having to use. Then if you try to do soft focus the picture goes to bad stuff. As a suggestion, raise the light level so that you can increase the F-stop by 2 levels and drop the soft focus aspect.

Good Lord. A four hook bra! All that for something that needs no support. Would have taken a double feature to get that thing off back in the drive-in movie days.

I have to agree with the rest, beautiful woman for sure but lazy photographer it seems. I appreciate Met-Art for their full nude explicit art as the female body is art every inch and every angle is down right beautiful and should be praised and cherished for what it is, beauty. Bad photography is not beautiful and does no justice to the beauty the image is supposed to portray, the art of a nude female body.

Unbelievably gorgeous. I hope to see a set with some more revealing pictures soon though.

If I ever decide to run around a room snapping photos with a drug store disposable, at least I know who will buy the pics. "Poorly understood" hahaha there's a sucker born every minute.

One day someone Zuckerberg found a gold mine and made a killing by giving voice to narrow-minded people like you,whose silence is priceless.
Boorish,oafish,vulgar,derogatory comments.
You and your awful cronies are the metastatic cancer who are tearing the world apart.
Nothing further from a real gentleman,let alone the slightest capability to appreciate anything else that a chunk of female flesh over the counter.
Go to the mirror and puke, if you finally found something to eat today,haha.

The Seller

This isn't soft focus, it's out of focus!

Utter utter magnificent perfection

I just came to have a laugh on the comments... :)

Not my favourite NS set 'thou, but I like some of her sets.. :)

I'm not familiar with Natasha Schon, but I'm thinking there's something wrong with her monitors and lenses. Otherwise this series is just negligent and lazy. Lighting is poor, focus is off. Almost looks like she's got some nice f1.5/2.8 lenses and is hellbent on not adjusting her stops... Or she's got a crap tilt shift filter set somewhere and hasn't figured it out.

Extremely bad photography. Pure trash. I vote to get rid of Natasha Schon.

I second that motion.

She is very pretty, the photographer is worthless.

What a beauty, easily a top ten model in my opinion. Unfortunately, the one full frontal nude shot in the set isn't going to push her up the ranks. I reviewed the debut set again today and found the ONE full frontal nude shot in this set is the only one. I am not going to slam Schon, her style is consistent and a part of the variety offered by Met-Art. However, I will long for a set that allows Rise to be more than an artistic prop. This set made me think of Gene and Paul blazing through, "Rise To It." That song is far from their best work, but this set made me run through the lyrics in my head.

I love seeing comments about Natascha Schön´s work delivered with great care,because I consider Schön a great artist poorly understood.In this regard,your carefully weighed opnion is of great value.

The Seller

Top woman!

If anyone starts a GoFundMe to pay Natasha Schon's light bill, count me in.

What I wouldn't give to see this lovely girl in focus.


Typical Natasha Schon photo shoot with dark and blurry pictures – a real pity as there is just enough light and clarity to see what a stunningly beautiful figure this model has.

Blurry photos do not make "fine photography" as Met's slogan at the top says. I can accept a non-explicit shoot (even from NS), and certainly Rise has the figure for such a shoot.

When the quality suffers in the name of art, you lose me. Shouldn't have to be a sacrifice there.

"Sacrifice,just a simple word..."

There´re hundreds of erotic websites featuring excellent,crystal-clear pictures made by unknown professionals.
But,oh man, this is Met-art...
We´ve got to swallow swords in the name of Art,Met-Art.There´re two groups here;those who are good but don´t want to lose their "style",and those who don´t know their gear or the fundametals of Photography,you know who they are.
I can understand your anger, bro,though in this case I believe Natascha did better than in her last appearance.
"No sacrifice at all" for me,at least for this time,my friend.


We'll just have to disagree on this one, Seller. I'm not angry, frustrated is the word. When we have a subject so beautiful as Rise, and images degraded to this degree, it makes it a disappointment, like a cruel tease. That's not what I came here for.

I joined Met to see female beauty in a more natural, artistic style. That is opposed to severe spreading, fingers and objects inserted, etc. The standing body poses like NS, Paromov and others provide are one thing I like. I could get my arms around this set (and some of Lightfoot's work), if only the pictures were clear and sharp. I understand it is her style, and you are correct that MET has changed where NS has not.

My sentiments,exactly.
No disagreement at all,Kilroy.Got to admit I´m partial to Natascha´s work.


She has her style and we all have our opinions, but her style is incongruous with the rest of the site. It may be art (good or bad, you decide) but it is not MetArt. They would be out of business if it was.

Natascha´s style is becoming increasingly incongrous with whatever this staff has chosen this website to be.
Remember she's here since the very start,when things looked and were soo much different.
I´ve wasted two entire years of my life in all kinds of phillipicas about image quality,among other things, in a never ending series of useless comments.
No doubt Lightfoot knows how to deliver excellent images;but he´s committed to using natural light,and stubbornly sets the light behind the model.So,backlit implies high ISO settings,resulting in lots of artifacts and noise.Slightly moving the model aside or using light fill is an easy solution to deal with this situation,but Charles refuses to do it,and there´s someone somewhere who has clearly made an effort to make him succeed with such a garbage.
In the case of Schön,she´s a genius imho,trying to deal with darkness,in her constant recreations of female intimacy.Then,stopping down lens,low shutter speeds,shallow depth of field.Something very hard to deal with.
Two cases of low quality images,two very different reasons.
Thanks for your opinion and sorry for the lenght.

The Seller

Buy some lightbulbs!

The photos are dark and blurring on closeups. Very disappointing!


Beautiful girl - terrible set.

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

What a perfect physique Rise has!

I can't agree with you more. Her body is perfect, and I would like appreciate MA's efforts to track down this beautiful girl.
@Mr. B
I can't agree with you more either. it doesn't matter there is a snap shot of her pussy or not (but I wouldn't mind seeing that), the fact that she is willing to show us her beautiful body makes me grateful enough, and Natasha is very good at putting the beauty of the models in her photos.

  • Mr B
  • 2 months ago:

I don't care what you say about the photos this girl is absolutely gorgeous , I feel lucky to just see her , what a fabulous body and face . 10+++ .

Love everything about this set - gorgeous girl, excellent staging and posing - except why so blurry? Honestly, I could take better photos with my phone.

(mosienko) I fully agree with you. However, if you look at the comments section on the 01 OCT 2017 C Lighthouse shoot, you will read something that will interest all members. From MA, it says that for every member who doesn't like the work of this photographer & CL there are many more that do. Very hard to believe I know, as that would mean many thousands of subscribers love this type of photography. However the comments section and consistent low scores that this photographer and CL always get would suggest otherwise.

Yes, but, from the couple of dozen commenters who consistently make up the majority of this section we only make up about one percent of the views of the sets posted. Makes it no less important to our small audience but clearly not something the other 99% of the viewers care about.

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