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very cute co-ed type
cute enough to get by without flashing gas?

With all the wildfires burning in dry California forests one must be extremely cautious when working with hot bodies around dry wood. Now I have some extremely wet wood available which would be much safer Mr.Paromov. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I am a very giving person and will plunge deeply right into the job as it presents itself. Yes, what a presentation it is. Thanks. Encore.

It's honestly hard to believe that there are women this gorgeous in the world.

One of the most comfortable debuts I've seen in a long time. Maxa is totally at ease and my gawd she's fabulous. 18 and perfect. I can't wait to see more of her.

Maxa is Pure eye candy.

Man, Paramov should work outdoors more often. Did a solid job with this set!

Also, beautiful model! Super cute, and love how perfect her divine feet are!

Instant favorite. The definition of cutie. Can't wait to see more.

The invisible white bikini rides again! (And quite nicely I might add.)

Maxa is great, but I bet her mother surpasses her in beauty. After all, she's Maxa mum. ;-p

love "Maxa mum"

sexy eyes and tanlines. MORE OF HER PLEASE

More of Maxa! Please! Please!!!

  • Lexg
  • 2 months ago:

Now that's who I dream about.

  • Lexg
  • 2 months ago:

Shocked by the low rating, maybe a full tan would help.

No, no no... the tan lines are part-and-parcel of what makes this set of Maxa so precious.

What low rating? And personally, I vote for no tan.

What a sheer delight to be able to view Maxa on her debut a totally natural set. Please can someone direct me to the Forest in the Russian Federation that keeps producing these beautiful models?

What a knockout.

It´s clear Matiss goes Paromovian waaaay better than Paromov goes Matissian,imho.
Paromov,please go regain your place in the game.You´re loosing yourself.
10 to Maxa

The Seller

Fantastic set of outdoor pictures, she is gorgeous, killer smile, love those tan lines, beautiful breasts, nice gap between her thighs, great ass too....

What a stunning debut for a woman whose beauty defies description. I am at a loss for words to describe her beauty and do her justice.

Wow. Among other things, what a smile! I can't wait to see more sets!

What a sweetheart! I love Maxa's fresh face, bright wide smile, fit body and prominent tanlines. I'd love to see a future set of her on a beach or at the pool, wearing the bikini that gave her those marks. Lots of potential here, hope we get to see more.

Welcome to MET!

Amazing girl, great pics, poses though a little on the tame side. I hope it's because of first date modesty!

First time here, but has posed before.

The tame side is okay, especially for a first set, when the pictures are clear and sharp. Maxa has a great figure and looks wonderful just standing there. I'm fine with that for today, hoping there is a little more variety in poses for a future set.

Aweskme debut iiiiiiii

Paromov brings us a cute and stunningly beautiful newcomer! Welcome Maxa :) I hope you didn't freeze too much during that shoot ;)

Eighteen and fabulous! Maxa is a gorgeous heart-breaker. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The face of an angel and the body of a goddess. Hello and welcome Maxa.
I must say, the debut has been successful. Photos without many frills, Bravo Paromov, focused on the model. In front of a gnarled tree, Maxa shows us her feminine charms, and these are breathtakingly many. Especially the white breasts are hammer strong. They are perfectly shaped and perfectly stand out from the tanned body. Mmmh, how delicious.
Maxa gets 10 points.
Paromov gets 10 points.
AND ... continue so.


Could you please elaborate in a nice tone on why it is "nope" for such a gorgeous woman?

Personally too tame and too manny repetitions. Beautiful model, as they always are, but for me I like to see more. The scoring seems to indicate others think so too.

But each to his own.

Maxa scores high otherwise, do you really care why Nick says nope? I don't and I didn't know how to score his comment as a negative. So the current zero should be, -2.

Young Nicky here expects at least X close-ups of the girl's vulva on the first page, otherwise he will fiercely express denial. This is him being nice, guessing from some of his comments I have read in the past.

Personally, I prefer the exterior of a girl to the interior. I guess that's why I didn't go to med school.

What a beautiful woman. Maxa will be a firm favourite of mine for sure. Schoolboy errors in the photography...blurred pictures...

No close ups but who cares Maxa is a real stunner.Beautiful girl great first photoshoot.Paramov outside what a hoot 10 to both.

Monotonous photoshooting without any inspiration.

How to put this nicely without being offensive..

The same could be said about most of your comments.

Great start welcome to MA Maxa. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful bottom in more detail soon it looks really nice and sexy. Wonderful face and eyes too. 8)

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