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Move over Helen of Troy

What a shame we couldn't have had one shot of her bottom in that body suit, Oh but if it had been a thong at least five.

When I say "I'm quite pervy for gorgeous women in fishnet stuff..." it's not exactly what....whatever I approve this! 8)

Cock so hard for this perfect sexy babe!!

Imagine casting your net and landing this beautiful fish! I couldn't get back to port fast enough. Thanks to both model and photographer.

Getting back to port would be too slow...the deed would be done there and then :)

I guess that is what happens when you set your camera to automatic ISO and/or overexposure; loads of grain and noise. The hard light doesn't help with her bright skin either.

Helene is gorgeous as always and gets better every time. And omg that red fluff! 😍💗
But sadly the quality of these photos is below average.

Yeah, that single flash really didn't do the model justice. Really harsh lighting and fair skin just don't work well. Absolutely loved the model though. I hope we will see more of her.

It would be nice if Tora Ness would give us more photos of Helene's "Big Beautiful Butt". None of her sets show case that tush.


Excellent work!

I can't really say why, because she has such pretty eyes, but I really dug those shots where Helene was wearing those sunglasses. A few more shots like that once she was nude would have been a treat.

This set has a lot of pictures but it goes nowhere.

The set, the net, was there a message here that I missed? I don't mind some variety but I would have preferred to see Helene in more erotic poses.

Just a bad choice of "prop-play" -- a bit overdone.

Helene is one of the sexiest bombshells on this site. One of my favorites. The sexy legs, dynamite thighs, sweet round bubble honey buns, and succulent breasts. 10+++. I just can't get enough of Helene.

Just wish the entire set was totally nude. And more back side and sideways shots. Did not care for the stupid net. Got in the way.

P.S. Please come back soon and more often, Helene.

Thanx for the HEELS !!

Busty redheads don't come much better than this Swedish nymph, that little red muff also excites and her perfect plump bottom is so lickable. She is certainly smoking sexy today what a catch in that net. 8)

Nice said.

Very nice Helene, very nice from 8, 9, 33, 34 some not so very nice with thing between 110

Her red pubic hair is absolutely sexy and seductive. I just want to look and touch these pubic hair.
Helene is so incredibly erotic in the transparent lingerie. When I see them, I get goose fever. The big perfectly shaped breasts, luscious pussy and the round butt complete the picture of this delicious and juicy redhead Swedish beauty.
By the way. Helene 's freckles are so sweet. They give her a naughty and girlish touch. Delightful.

Gotta love her curves!

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