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Thank you so much for 118, and of cource the rest!

She never takes a bad pic .. Wow..
I have to click on every single one .. lol

So many cumshots for you Candice!!!

I really do not think any future set of anyone is going to be equal to this one. She is just perfect. Simply all time best.

Candice is fucking hot and I love it.

Awesome set of photos, Candice is as beautiful and sexy as ever.

  • Mr B
  • 2 months ago:

Now that is how to shoot photos of a Beautiful woman , sprawled out on a bed , not cramped up on top of a dresser or crunched up in a chair, which happens way to often here on Met art, which I can not understand why . Imo

Variety and vicarious spontaneity, every single session being indoors on a bed would be very boring indeed.

This a wonderful gallery of the beautiful Candice B but variety is the spice of life and I personally love to see the variety of galleries on MetArt, so I totally agree with Knackers on this point that if every gallery were to be of a model photographed sprawled out naked on a bed it would become very boring indeed, unless of course it was my bed, in which case I would then totally agree with Mr B.

Such a beautiful woman, and what a great set. Candice is always wonderful, but this one is particularly good.

Candice, if not 'The' most beautiful model on MA must be well up top of the list and she keeps on and on with perfection, superb body in every aspect and such a sweet personality, yes, just perfect!

Just perfect ! Everytime.

Candice just keeps getting more and more beautiful ever time I see her.

I so adore Candice.

Poor Candice, you look so lonely all alone on that bed. I'm on my way. :)

Whoa there big boy. Back up the bus a bit. Something about frame #14 tells me she's already thinking about you. 😜

Alltime Beauty. Candice is one of the sexiest girls of our planet.

#118 -- Absolutely STUNNING !!

This lovely lady is a gift from The Gods !

Excellent set.

Nice set. #28 is a lovely shot!

Very nice Candice B, eyes, hair, buttocks, 19 - 23, 34, 62, 77 + more. titties real?

Real -- !! -- ??

Of course they are, Old Son.

A set off the factory floor could never have such an eloquent shape or such versatility !

Sometimes, you just can't improve on factory OEM equipment.

I often see such poor & thin orange-coloured photos in MA. As if the colours are attacked by UV light from the sun. This set is of low quality in colouring.

Keep your day job.

So much breast. So little girl.

Not too shabby.

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