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Bernie's really cute and Tora did a nice job of shooting her in that field of fall color. But viewing the set brings to mind The Itchy and Scratchy Show. ;-)

Madly pretty girl who poses really well. Not the most exciting shoot but she’s such a cutie it works. Would have liked some barefoot shots, her feet are gorgeous, but overall pretty good. Beautiful little model, I hope we see more of her.

Unbelievably extraordinarily pretty. On par with the likes of Linda Chase, Emily Bloom, Georgia...

What a pretty girl, come back soon Bernie. Looks like it's time to bring in the harvest!

I dig the babe. The location is neither sexy nor erotic. Try a bed room, kitchen, living room, bath room, or even a hotel/motel room next time.

I wanted to perform oral sex on Bernie (never thought I'd say "oral sex" and "Bernie" in the same sentence, but I eat only gluten-free pussy.

Young, fresh, beautiful, hot teen body, super smile, perfect!

There is something special for me about green eyed blonds that give me a certain tingle and I would dearly like to make hay with young Bernie, my main difficulty is I've no words in Latvian to seduce her with, so it will just have to remain a fantasy.It's becoming the norm that every newbie here on MA has a beautiful bottom and *****5 star anus, but I'm not complaining I just cant keep up with them all being totally delicious. Bernie welcome to MA a long career here is stretched out before you. 8)

Love the sandals and the girl attached to them. Would love to see more of both together.

This reminds me of the scene in "Young Frankenstein", where Terri Garr is rolling around in the back of the hay wagon singing, "Roll, roll...roll in the hay..." ;-)


No... it's pronounced Eye-gor. They told me it was pronounced E-gore. Well they were wrong weren't they?

Love that movie, and Terri Garr also.
What knockers!

Bernie's knockers are superb as well.

Speaking of movies, I'd spend a Weekend at Bernie's!

There seems to be a tradition here on MET of presenting memorable models with traditionally-male names. See Jeff Milton, Daniel Sea, and now Bernie. Love her sweet smile, easy-to-remove sundress and playful posing style. Welcome to MET!

I have a female cousin named Bernie. It's short for Bernice.

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Can also be short for Bernadette.

I was thinking there was another name, but all my mind could come up with was Beatrice and I knew that wasn't right. So thanks, Rose, for riding to the rescue. :-)

Could be "Rose" for Rose-butt er... Rosebud or Rose-a-mund or Rosalie or Rosemary or she could be a Rose-ta-farian. 😲

A girl in a lonely corn field ... never fails :)

I'm a city guy, but even I know that's not a corn field!

Rubycon may be British. Wheat is known as "corn" in England.

From the dictionary: British, the chief cereal crop of a district, especially (in England) wheat or (in Scotland) oats.

Leave it to them Englanders to call "wheat" "corn". The entire rest of the world calls "wheat" "wheat" and somehow the English manage to muck it up. What do they call "corn"? Squash?

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Corn is corn. Maize flour is when it's used for baking, it's cornflour when it's just used as a thickener. I thought maize was an American term, actually! And this is officially the most random conversation I've had on MetArt today :-)

I like this site I learn so much that is not just admiration for the most beautiful of women. 8)

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

I'm British, and corn and wheat are definitely two different things! I suspect Rubycon was just distracted by the sight of gorgeous Bernie!

😂 😘

Distracted, good :) I go for distracted. A field of some kind, for goddess' sake!

Rose - Before I looked it up in the dictionary, I was under the impression that "corn" was a general term for cereal grains in England and most countries refer to what we Americans call "corn" as "maize".

Nice photos, wish I could preview or download them. This website is a complete waste of fucking time and a total rip-off of my money. I'll come back tomorrow, at the same time, the only when I'm able to get online and the time that Met-Art always runs like a pig.

Just a suggestion that may, or may not work? Try the alternate mirror setting in the options section. It has improved my browsing here in the past.

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Dee Dee, the site is operating fine and has been since these updates went live at midnight PST, so if you are experiencing problems please contact support@metart.com and ask them to investigate for you.

And I thought I was a Bernie fan in 2016....!

I guess the "Bernie or Bust" crowd gets to have it both ways with this set!

We need a set with Bernie and Hilary C together. ;-)

Really nice photos of a new Latvian beauty. Hello and welcome Bernie.
Bernie, you look stunning. Your face and body are beautiful. Perfectly shaped and with pretty curves in the right places. Erotic, juicy and seductive.
I wish for the future many performances of you and then still many beautiful close-ups of your face and your body. That will be nice.

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Love this! Vibrant, fun and sexy – a lovely new model, beautifully photographed :-)

You ever cavort around nekkid in a field of dried wheat (and as I type this I'm thinking... right! This is Rose you're talkin' to!). Can't be anyway near comfortable. Something right out of the Itchy and Scratchy show.

nice 96

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