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Very good set. Well done

Such a beautiful face such a gorgeous woman such confidence such beauty such pride in her why she shows off her body and her pussy in her face and eyes so beautiful to see

#95 oh my goodness

Poor lighting, not wet. 1/10

Absolute bombshell !!! 💦💦💦

  • kopy
  • 2 months ago:

Great set. 10+. Love seeing the pink pussy and asshole.

Anie is beautiful whether her hair is pulled back or down, but I think I like her look better with her hair pulled back. Just my opinion.

#77-#79 wow. I just added a comment elsewhere about bringing crunchy peanut butter (to a picnic with Rose) and how nice it was to spread over an ass then lick it off followed by some divine rimming, Anie's ass here is the perfect plate to replicate this experience with and lick it until my tongue falls off. Love all the other FDAU and rear views, her anus is *****5 star plus 8)

Does it get any better than this set? I don't think so!

Anie never fails to provide some epic bottom views, 93 is my favorite, FDAU and slightly gaped, wow what an amazing ass.

This may be my favorite Anie Darling set yet. Love it when she smiles!

Katie Holmes' daughter from a teenage pregnancy? Last Friday it was Luna Pica and Linda Chase that delayed getting my day started, this week, Anie and Rosella. What can I say other than, WORTH IT! I found myself reviewing all of Anie's sets, what a compilation of butt shots! Collectively among her sets, a person would have to search far and wide to coming up with better, an assman's paradise! Thank you!

This gal checks all my boxes! That pretty face draws me right in and holds me there.

Minor quibble- would love to have seen some shots with her standing, but I'll live with this set of outstanding photos.

I want to jump through my monitor and join Anie on that couch, So sweet, so inviting, so bottomless. Hooray! :)

100% maximum arousal factor!! Anie is way, way more than just a Darling perhaps Dynamite would be better. A master piece by her & Erro as it is so understated but blows the roof off erotica it's so temptingly sexy. Agree with others that cheeky smile is a real turn on treat and suspect it belies a wickedly naughty mind too. Anie's got my gun & I'll keep dreaming of her forever;))

What a beautiful little girl. That crooked smile kills me every time. One of the very best.

Love her I got attitude face!

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Personality plus! Anie is just adorable, a little bundle of sexual energy!

For those who like reading my sexy true confessions, I just published a new one on our free fiction site, MyErotica.com, so I hope you'll check it out. Enjoy ;-)

mmm ! dat booty!

nice eyes hair pussy buttocks 74

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